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February is halfway behind us - How do you feel about that?

It feels so true that time goes by faster and faster with each passing year. We get tied up in daily tasks and to-do's and it seems like what we really want from life just slips away.

February is already halfway behind us. Is the year going as you planned? Are you accomplishing the things you set out for yourself when a fresh, new year was ahead of you? One thing I know for sure is that it is never too late to take a breath and begin again.

Here is a quick way to reset and begin again. It's all about deciding what you want to focus on.

  1. Take a deep breath, hold for the count of 8, and release slowly. Let the tension leave your body.

  2. Think of one word you want to describe the next 2 to 4 weeks. Write it on a card and place it where you can see it every day.

  3. Answer this question the following questions. Don't just think it, ink it!

"It wouldn't be a really great month without ____________________'

"This month I want to try ________________________"

"This month I am not going to miss out on _______________"

That's it! Your challenge today is to take action and spend 5 to 10 minutes thinking about what is going to make the next 2 to 4 weeks really great. Giving it your intention makes it SO much more likely to happen for you - you will find yourself doing the little things needed to create those experiences. It's where the best of life is.

If you'd like to do a little more now to set yourself up for success in 2022 and beyond start here.

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Linda Short of Elle Short Coaching is a Goal Achievement Coach, certified health and life coach specializing in goal achievement. As a goal achievement coach, I help people struggling with where they are to create their own life story and take action toward their life vision. So that they can be mindful, get unstuck, find joy in each and every day, and live their best life.

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