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7 Steps to Strengthen your Goal Setting Confidence

Can you do it? Setting a goal you can be successful with is so important. You might be a first-timer or have tons of experience at it. Either way, we want to make sure that you can achieve what you are working towards. This strengthens your confidence for all your future goal setting and future successes.

Where to start?

  1. Know thyself. Email for a free assessment to uncover your goal setting nature and receive tips customized just for you.

  2. Ensure your goal supports your values and principles – that the person you become when you achieve this goal is the person you want to be. For help with this, visit 5 Steps to Creating Vision Clarity.

  3. Know your why and make sure it is big enough to keep you passionate and excited about moving in that direction.

  4. Give yourself enough time – you must have a deadline, not too far out, not too close in. Be reasonable.

  5. Make sure you have set yourself up for success. In Atomic Habits by James Clear he suggests several strategies. Here are two of my favorites 1) focus on the daily habits, or processes you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goal. (He uses the words systems). And 2) do what you need to in order to make these habits, processes, or systems as simple as possible to engage in. For example, if you want to go to the gym after work, putting your gym bag on the drivers seat of your car when you exit in the morning is an in-your-face reminder of your intention.

  6. Decide how you will keep focus on what you really want, your long term goal rather than instant gratification.

  7. Decide what you will do on the day after perfect. When we miss a day, take two steps backwards instead of one step forward, human nature is to just stop. That tendency is called ‘the day after perfect’ by Jon Acoff in the book Finish – and you can stop the derailing of your goal and timeline by having a plan for the day after. Write it down.

Your challenge for today is to take action. Choose at least three of the points above and apply them to your current goal. If you don't have a goal you are working on at the moment, it's time to get started. Start with identifying what is most important to you and great goals will follow. 5 Steps to Creating Vision Clarity.

Know that feeling resistance to getting started is common and there is something you can do about it. See The Art of Letting Go - a step-by-step guide to the Sedona Method. And schedule your complimentary session for one-on-one personalized assistance and let's get started on your journey to success. Success by design.

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Linda Short of Elle Short Coaching is a certified health and life coach specializing in goal achievement. As a goal achievement coach, I support people struggling to get started and take action toward their life vision. So that they can get unstuck, find joy in each and every day, and live their best life.


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