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Saturday's 24-hour Challenge 08-14-2021

A little self reflection and you can adjust how you are living, how you are loving and how you are letting go. Imagine yourself looking back at your life at the end, imagine being pleased with what you have accomplished, with how you have treated others, with how you have treated yourself, with how you have LIVED.

For many of us, letting go of past hurts, real or imagined, is hard to do and keeps us focused on the past and unpleasantness. The best advice I can give is to start from where you are and let go of what you need to release now. Feel light, feel free. Start here.


Linda Short of Elle Short Coaching is a Goal Achievement Coach, certified health and life coach specializing in goal achievement. As a goal achievement coach, I help people struggling with where they are to create their own life story and take action toward their life vision. So that they can get unstuck, find joy in each and every day, and live their best life.

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