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Saturday's 24-Hour Challenge

Don't you just love that first glance at a nice hotel room? It's simple, de-cluttered, no endless reminders of chores and to-do's.

Imagine a place just for you in your own home. Your 24-hour challenge is to (at least) begin to create that space.

A few tips to create a sanctuary uniquely yours:

  • Choose your spot - a quiet place with lighting that appeals to you. It doesn't have to be an entire room, a window seat or a corner of your office will work just fine.

  • Consider your interests - will you use it for reading? A comfy chair and lamp might be important. Will you use it to meditate? A large pillow, music, adjustable lighting and a place for a candle could be considered. Will you use it to journal? a small desk, then, a perfect pen and good lighting.

  • Create a visual separation - separate the space from the rest of the room with a panel divider, plants, large piece of furniture, or curtain.

  • Declutter - remove all unnecessary objects, remove all photographs, nothing in your sight line to remind you of chores or to-do's. Those things are for another time and place.

  • Set the mood - Your retreat can be light and airy, or dark and cozy. This space is all about you and what you find relaxing. You are looking for a sense of calm and relaxation. Think about what that means to you and create that for yourself. You deserve this!

  • 5 senses - How can you use all of your senses to relax and rejuvenate in this space? Music, aromatherapy oils and/or scented candles, the softest of blankets, mood lighting, a stash of gourmet chocolates, surround yourself with relaxing colors -

blue: peaceful calm and stress reducing

green: restful and quiet

pink: tranquility and peace

white: clarity and freshness

violet: strength, peace and wisdom

grey: soothing - best when pared with blue or white

yellow: lively and energetic

This is a fun challenge and so worth your time - get started today!

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Linda Short of Elle Short Coaching is a Goal Achievement Coach, certified health and life coach specializing in goal achievement. As a goal achievement coach, I help people struggling with where they are to create their own life story and take action toward their life vision. So that they can get unstuck, find joy in each and every day, and live their best life.


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